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Commercial Pest Solutions

Regardless of the size of your organisation we can work with you, to provide a tailored solution, that address your pest control needs, across a broad range of industries.  

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Commercial Pest Solutions

Real Estate & Strata

Our aim is to deliver a professional service that keeps your tenants happy and promotes a positive reputation, for your company.

Hospitality Industry

Our knowledge of the hospitality industry enables us to develop bespoke pest solutions, to support you, in maintaining a pest free environment for your business.

Aged Care and

Retirement Homes

We understand the unique requirements of the aged care industry, and we work in partnership with you to ensure the delivery of high quality pest control services that reflect your individual needs.

Food Manufacturing

and Logistics

TargiT Pests understands the specialist pest control requirements of the food and logistics industries and at all times delivers HACCP standard services. 

Retail and Shopping Centres

Retail and wholesale stores like small businesses, department stores, and supermarkets are not exempt from the risk of pest infestations.

Education Industry

and Schools

Whether you manage a nursery, preschools, primary schools or high schools, we are dedicated to providing your students and staff with safe and hygienic teaching environments.

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